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Weightloss Treatment

Semaglutide injection For weight loss.

Mild side-effects for excellent
weight loss results.

Simple, Affordable & Convenient.

Weight Loss
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Having trouble losing weight? Explore our weightloss treatments like Semaglutide that have proven results!

Anxiety & Depression

Feeling stress and burnout? Anxiety and Depression have a big effect on our mental health, explore our treatments today.

Erectile Dysfunction & Early Climax

Trouble getting hard? Or do you want to last longer in bed? Explore our treatment plans.

Primary Care
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We make being healthy and happy as simple as it should be. Men's Health, Women's Health, Prescriptions, and Labs. We can help!

The DCT Mission

We are committed to improving the health of our patients by providing convenient and affordable care for all.

Certified Providers

Direct Care gives our members access to certified providers. Just because you're receiving convenient in-home or virtual care, doesn't mean you need to sacrifice quality care.

Customized Treatments

In order to meet the needs of clients of all types, we are actively tailoring our treatments to your specific needs. We have flexible hours, and care options for all our patients.